Planning to Move Across Country and Have Small Children? 2 Tips You Should Find Helpful

Moving can be a stressful time, especially if you are moving a long distance. Add small children into the mix, and stress can escalate even more. To make the transition go a little easier, let the children lend a hand in getting things ready. Below are two things they can do to help.

Purge Toys

Your kids likely have many toys they no longer play with. Even so, they may still not want to part with them. To help them do this, you can make it a game. First, let the kids decorate some boxes. Let them use crayons or washable markers to draw designs on them.

Ask them to go through their toys, and say that the first child to get their old toys into the boxes wins the game. You could also play the game so that the child who puts the most toys into their boxes wins the game. This can help them let loose of some things they will likely never play with again. This is also a good time to teach your children about giving to others. Take the boxes of toys to a local charity and let the kids go with you. If you are having problems finding enough boxes, ask the moving company you are using, as they likely have boxes they can sell you.

Take Pictures

When you and your children are finished packing up their room, let your children use a digital camera to take pictures of the contents in each of their boxes. Transfer the pictures to your computer. You then use the camera software to transfer the images you want onto your computer. 

Once the pictures are downloaded to your computer, open them up and print them out on your printer. Ask your children to tape the pictures to the corresponding box they go with. This is fun for them and lets them easily find what they need when you arrive at your new home. For example, they may have a favorite toy they want immediately when you get to your new home. All you have to do is look at the picture to know what box it is in.

Decorate Rooms

Let your child plan their new room before you even arrive. They could choose a new comforter and curtains. Take them to the paint store to look at paint swatches to pick out a color they want to paint their room. They could pick out new pictures to hang on the walls and add some colorful rugs. If they are old enough, give them some drawing paper to act as an interior designer and draw out their room. Let them use a measuring tape just for fun so they can "measure" the width and length of the room.

For further help to make your move as smooth as possible, contact local movers who can assist you.