Extra Services To Look For In An International Relocation Company

An international move is both exciting and stressful. Not only do you have the regular stresses of packing up house, you also have a new country, culture, and sometimes language to adapt to. The key to a successful move is to find a relocation company that handles more than just the logistics of moving goods. They should also help you with the logistics of moving your family. The following are a few key services to look for when planning an international move.

Orientation Services

An orientation service provides your family with tours and introductory workshops to help them adjust to their new country and culture. A guide will take everyone around the new city and provide advice on everything from how to use public transportation to the customs for ordering from a menu or tipping for service. Workshops may also be offered to help your family better understand the local culture, especially in locales with a vastly different culture.

Social Liaisons

Some relocation companies provide a social liaison for the spouse or children of someone that is relocating for employment. Often, the employed person already has a social circle of business associates, while the spouse and family is left home alone. A social liaison can help them connect to other expatriates or locals with similar interests or backgrounds. Book clubs, hobby clubs, and play groups are just a few of the connections a liaison can provide.

Language Services

A company that offers language services can be very helpful if you are relocating somewhere with a different primary language. The relocation company can help you and your family connect with local language learning clubs, or they may even offer their own set of language classes. The offering they find will be suited to the ages and abilities of your family members, such as an immersion class for the children and an evening class for your spouse. This can help bridge the communication gap more quickly so that everyone feels more at home.

Pet Services

Bringing the family pet with you can be a major headache. Most countries have strict quarantine and waiting laws for animals that are brought into the country. A relocation company that provides pet relocation services will help you collect all the necessary documents before moving, and then they will monitor or accompany your animal during travel and quarantine. They will handle the necessary paperwork upon arrival so that you can get your pet into your new home as soon as possible.

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