Choosing A Highly Secure Storage Facility

If you have to put all of your earthly belongings into a storage locker, you need to make sure that your stuff stays safe. You might not think you have much worth stealing, but it's better to be safe than to lose memories and start over from scratch because some thief raided your locker. Thus, you should evaluate any storage facility you consider placing your belongings in to make sure that it is highly secure. Here are some things to look for in a storage facility:

Masonry Wall

A storage facility surrounded by a chain-link fence will not do much to stop thieves. Even if the top of the fence is lined with rows or coils of razor wire, a set of bolt cutters will allow the thieves to cut right through the fence itself. Thus, you should look for a storage facility that is surrounded by a masonry wall. 

Security Gate

The gate will be the weakest point in a masonry wall. The gate should be protected with a security code, but if there is not a security guard at the gate, a thief might still be able to find a way through. Even with a security guard, a thief could piggy back (follow another car into the facility), but at least the guard will be able to report suspicious activity and/or intervene before the thieves can do anything. 

Lighting and Cameras

The next thing to look for is proper lighting. If there are dark corners, they give thieves the color of darkness to try to get into your locker. You should also make sure that your facility has good camera coverage and that they save the data from the camera for at least a few days. Thus, even if thieves do get access to your locker, the police will have footage to use to track them down. 

Individual Alarms

The last line of defense that you should look for is a facility that places an alarm in every unit. You will be the only one who has a code to disarm the alarm. Thus, if thieves try to get into your locker, the security guard will be able to respond immediately. 

While the above measures might sound like overkill, it is better to protect your belongings than to find out that everything you have spent your life acquiring is gone and you now have to start over. The bottom line is that, rather than choose a storage unit that is an easy target for thieves, choose storage companies that place as many obstacles as possible between thieves and your belongings.