5 Tips For Moving When You Have Young Children

Ask for Help

Packing up a house and moving everything is much easier without children underfoot. If you're moving soon, don't be afraid to ask for help from your family or friends-- having someone take care of your children for an afternoon can give you valuable time to prepare for your move. When moving day comes, it is a very good idea to arrange for your kids to be cared for at someone else's house if possible so you can focus on the move.  

Hire a Moving Company

Professional movers (such as those from Bell Moving & Storage) will make your life much easier, and make moving day much smoother if you are unable to arrange child care for your children. You won't have to do any of the heavy lifting, and professional moving companies can pack up the moving truck fast. If your children are home, arrange for entertainment in an area away from where the movers are to prevent injuries or accidents. 

Let your Kids Pack Their Rooms

Young children often like to help their parents, so you can give them the opportunity to participate in the move by allowing them to assist you in packing up their rooms. Use this time to explain what is going on and tell them about what they can expect at your new home. Work with your kids to clean and organize the rooms, and get rid of old toys and clothes that are no longer needed--throw these things away or donate them to help prevent clutter in your new home. 

Show Your Children Your New Home

Moving can be a huge change for young children, especially if they have never experienced a move before. If possible, take your kids to see your new house before moving day so they can familiarize themselves with their new home. Show them where their new bedrooms are, and allow them explore each room if they want to. This will allow them to become comfortable with their future home ahead of moving day.

Expect an Adjustment Period

It is not uncommon for children to need some time to adjust to a new home. Your children may not sleep as well the first few weeks of living in a new home, and you may notice that your kids act out or have tantrums more frequently. This is all normal, and should subside quickly after your children get used to their new living space. Try to be patient and understand that a new house can be confusing and overwhelming to young kids.