Tips For Keeping Your Valuables Secure In Your Storage Unit

When you wish to store high-value items in a storage unit, it's a good idea to shop around until you've found a self-storage facility that offers a high degree of security. Limited access, security cameras and even a nighttime security guard can help to make you feel safe about keeping your valuable possessions on the premises. Beyond these details, however, it's important to do your best to keep the valuables secure within your unit itself. Even if the risk of a break-in is extremely low, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing your valuables aren't likely to be found. Here are some ways to make this happen.

Mix Valuables With Non-Valuables

A simple way to hide the presence of valuables in your stored items is to place them in boxes that primarily contain non-valuables — and then label the boxes smartly. For example, if you have a small box of jewelry, consider placing it toward the bottom of a box of some children's clothing that you're keeping for sentimental reasons. You can then label the box something such as, "Sarah's baby clothes," for example. Even if someone did choose to open the box, it's likely that he or she would see the several layers of clothing above the actual valuables and stop searching.

Use Empty Containers

Many stores and online retailers sell small "safes" that are disguised as everyday household objects such as cans of shaving cream, cans of soda and more. They have a screw-on top or bottom that allows you to load them with valuables that will be hidden away from prying eyes. While shaving cream and soda might not have a place in a storage unit, look for a safe of this style designed to look like an old paint can. Many people store old paint in their units — and adding a message to the label in permanent marker, such as "Living room, 2014" can make anyone truly believe that the can is indeed a legitimate paint can.

Tape Envelopes Behind Furniture

It's customary to store furniture such as disassembled bed components along the wall of your storage unit. If you have a number of small valuables that will easily fit into an envelope, consider sealing the envelope and then taping it to the rear of one of these pieces of furniture. Likewise, if you have a bookshelf against one wall, an envelope taped to the rear of the shelf is unlikely to be discovered, especially if you fill the shelves with heavy books that prevent someone from pulling the shelf away from the wall.

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