Tips For Long-Term Use Of A Storage Unit

Do you need to clear out a few rooms in your house because the clutter is contributing to a rodent problem? You can get rid of the clutter and still have access to your belongings if you opt for putting everything in a self-storage unit. Take a look at the article below to learn how you should store your belongings in a self-storage unit when they will be in there for a long time.

Store Items in the Right Climate

The worst thing that you can do is store your belongings in a self-storage unit that is too hot or cold, as it can lead to them getting damaged. You must keep in mind that the temperature inside of a self-storage unit can fluctuate based on the weather conditions outside. However, you can keep your belongings safely stored no matter what the temperature is outside if you spend a little extra money for a climate controlled unit. You will then be able to keep the temperature at a level that isn't too hot or cold.  A climate controlled unit will also protect your belongings from rain, which is due to it being on the inside of a building and water being unable to get in through the cracks of the door.

Keep Items That Will Be Used Accessible

Make sure that you know which of your belongings will be used regularly so they can be stored accordingly. If you are not strategic about how your belongings are stored, you can end up having to dig through boxes each time that you want to access something. You should not only store the items that will be used at the front, but you must also make sure they are easy to grab. For instance, if you will be taking clothing out of the unit on a regular basis, hang them on racks instead of bins or boxes. The racks will allow you to easily scan over your clothes to find what you are looking for.

Drain Fluids Out Before Storing

If you will be storing any items that use water or other fluids, make sure that they are drained out before you store them away. For example, if you will be storing a child's water guns, make sure the fluid is drained out. Failure to drain the water out can lead to moisture and mold in the unit. Invest in a self-storage unit rental as soon as you find the time. Contact a business, such as King Arthur Self Storage, for more information about long-term storage rentals.